Direct hit Hubei rainstorm; Macheng around the serious part of the disaster into the island

Most of the current Macheng city waterlogging situation
Hubei recent continuous heavy rain, and more to different situations of disaster. User Ms. Lee is Hubei Macheng people, according to him, most of the current Macheng urban waterlogging situation, the old city is relatively good, the other city is very serious disaster, the road is full of water. Many cars parked on the road were washed away by water and the roads were not accessible. Reporters learned that the low-lying towns in the city of Macheng suffered the most serious, Mr. Mo lived in the city of Ma Cheng Futian town Shuangmiao Village, the rain from the day before yesterday, the village houses a lot of houses collapsed collapsed collapsed. Yesterday the village had a woman hiding in the house, because the rain is too large house was washed down, was down the wall hit the unfortunate death. At present, the village out of the village road was washed away by the flood, the village are basically left behind women and children, working in the field Mr. Mo is very worried about the situation at home. Fukuda town situation also appears in the town of Kameyama. Who lives in the city of Ma Cheng Guizhi Tsui Tsui Village, Mao Jiahe Zhang told reporters that the young people in the village mostly go out to work, the elders at home to stay at home. May be damaged in the village signal, he can not contact the village of the mother and relatives, and now very anxious. It is understood that the same low-lying areas in the Yanhe Town, the current town of Yejiawan Bridge and the town on the main road was flooded, many people were trapped. In addition to Futianhe Town, Kameyama Town and Yanhe Town, Shunhe Township is equally affected, many of which are flocked. Government staff said: "has been transferred more than 100 people, has not yet received the news of casualties, the transfer of the masses were placed in the nearest school.

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